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11 good habits to care for dry and irritated skin

Portrait of an attractive freckled girlRough to the touch, tight-feeling and fragile, dry skin is skin that lacks lipids and/or water. It feels uncomfortable, is easily irritated and lacks vibrancy. Good daily habits and specific nourishing skincare are needed to restore its health and beauty.

1-Avoid taking long hot baths, as these eliminate the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin. Opt instead for quick showers under warm water.

2-Use a mild cleanser suited to dry skin (dermatological cleansing bar or emollient-rich shower gel) when washing, and avoid soap as it is too harsh

3-After washing, dry yourself carefully by patting your skin rather than rubbing it.

4-Moisturise every day and each time you wash your face and body, using a hypoallergenic, soothing and nourishing cream or lotion specially formulated for dry or irritated skin.

5-Always remove your make-up before going to bed, and if possible use a nourishing make-up remover (oil or milk).

6-Drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day to keep your skin hydrated and maintain its elasticity: insufficient water intake can rapidly affect the skin (skin tone is diminished; wrinkles and fine lines become more visible).

7-Don’t overheat your home or workplace in the wintertime. If need be, use an air humidifier: the air in heated environments is extremely dry and harsh on skin that lacks hydration.

8-For your clothing and underwear, always opt for cotton rather than synthetic fabrics which irritate the skin.

9-Wear gloves when cleaning: cleaning products are very harsh and can dry out the skin on your hands.

10-Eat a balanced diet. In particular, vary your oil consumption (olive, rapeseed, walnut, grape seed, etc.) to ensure you get the right amounts of essential fatty acids.

11-If your skin remains dry despite these precautions, see a skin specialist.